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What to Consider When Buying a Magazine Fed Shotgun?


When purchasing a magazine fed shotgun, there are several crucial factors to consider to ensure you acquire the most suitable firearm for your needs. One of the primary considerations is the magazine capacity, which determines the number of cartridges the shotgun can hold at any given time. Depending on your intended use—whether it’s hunting, sport shooting, or self-defense—you’ll need to assess whether a larger or smaller capacity aligns with your requirements. Additionally, reliability is paramount in any firearm, especially in high-stakes situations. Opting for reputable brands known for their dependable feeding mechanisms and sturdy construction can help ensure the shotgun performs reliably when needed most. Ease of loading is another critical factor to evaluate, as a shotgun with a straightforward loading mechanism can significantly enhance the shooting experience, particularly during fast-paced activities. Compatibility with your preferred ammunition types, aftermarket accessory availability, and staying within your budget are also important considerations when selecting the ideal magazine fed shotgun for your purposes.


Magazine Capacity

When considering the purchase of a magazine fed shotgun, one of the primary factors to evaluate is the magazine capacity. This specification dictates the number of cartridges the shotgun can hold at any given time. Your intended use of the shotgun will influence your preference for magazine capacity. For instance, hunters or individuals seeking self-defense may prioritize shotguns with larger magazine capacities, while those using the shotgun for sport shooting or recreational purposes may find a smaller capacity sufficient.



The reliability of a magazine fed shotgun is paramount, especially in critical situations like hunting or self-defense. Opt for reputable brands known for their dependable feeding mechanisms and durable construction. Reading reviews from other users and seeking advice from experienced shooters can offer valuable insights into the reliability of different magazine fed shotgun models.


Ease of Loading

Evaluate the ease of loading cartridges into the shotgun’s magazine. Some magazine fed shotguns feature designs that facilitate quick and straightforward loading, while others may require more effort or manipulation. Choose a shotgun with a loading mechanism that feels intuitive and convenient to you, particularly if you anticipate needing to reload swiftly during shooting activities.


Compatibility with Ammunition

Ensure that the magazine fed shotgun you select is compatible with the types of ammunition you intend to use. Different shotguns may have specific requirements or limitations concerning the size, shape, or length of cartridges they can accommodate. Verify that the shotgun can reliably feed the ammunition you plan to use, whether it’s standard birdshot, buckshot, slugs, or specialty loads.


Aftermarket Accessories

Consider the availability of aftermarket accessories and modifications for the magazine fed shotgun. Accessories such as extended magazine tubes, tactical stocks, sights, and barrel attachments can enhance the shotgun’s performance and versatility to better suit your preferences and shooting needs. Choose a shotgun with robust aftermarket support if you anticipate wanting to customize or upgrade your firearm in the future.


Price and Budget

Take into account your budget when purchasing a magazine fed shotgun. Prices can vary significantly depending on factors such as brand, model, features, and quality. Determine your budget range and prioritize features that are most important to you within that range. Remember to consider the cost of ammunition, accessories, and any additional expenses associated with owning and maintaining the shotgun.


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