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What is an Over under Shotgun?

Welcome to Iber Arms Company’s range of Over Under Shotguns. Crafted with expertise and dedication, these shotguns combine timeless design with modern engineering, ensuring unparalleled performance on the field or range. Available in 12, 20, 36, and 410 gauge options, each over under shotgun is a testament to quality and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter, a competitive shooter, or a recreational enthusiast, Iber Arms’ Over Under Shotguns deliver unmatched reliability and accuracy. Discover the perfect balance of craftsmanship and innovation, and elevate your shooting experience with Iber Arms Company.


Our Over Under SHOTGUNS

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Specifications of Over Under SHOTGUNS

Gauge12 Gauge
MechanismEjector, Extractor
Chamber76 mm (3″)
BodyFull Aluminium/Upper, Lower Metal, Lower Syntetic
Barrel47 cm, 51 cm,
55 cm, 61 cm
ChokeMobil Chock,


Our features

Over Under Shotgun Parts

Over under shotgun manufacturer can usually give you a mobile shock and shock switch in the shotgun box. These are mobile shock tubes that give the shotgun characteristics according to the type of hunt and shooting distance. In this way, the hunter has the option to adjust the pellet distribution for different distances with the same shotgun and barrel. Mobile shock tubes are easily removed and easily installed during the hunt.
On the other hand, when the safety catch of the shotgun is in the “on safety” position, you can determine whether the shotgun will shoot with the upper barrel or the lower barrel first by pushing left or right. This feature of the shotgun is called “selector”. The cartridge holder lugs are hard. These tabs ensure that empty cartridge cases are ejected when you open the shotgun after firing. This feature of the shotgun is called “ejector”.
Over under with mobile choke indicates the presence of mobile choke bearings in the barrels. When this shock is used, when the trigger is pulled for the first time in Over under shotguns with a single trigger ejector, the shotgun fires first with the lower barrel. If the trigger is pulled again, the shotgun fires with the upper barrel. Over under users generally prefer this. When choosing the shock, the lower barrel prefers an open mouth shock compared to the upper barrel. In this context, the Over under shotgun manufacturer usually installs 5 notched shocks on the lower barrel and 4 notched shocks on the upper barrel.


FAQS: Over Under Shotguns

Yes. Iberarms manufacture the firearms at any quantity you want.

Yes. Iberarms exports the over under shoutguns to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, we can ship you the samples of our firearms models, you to check the quality of our firearms.

More about Over Under Shotgun Manufacturer

Why is Over under Shotgun Preferred?

The reason why Over under shotguns developed by John Browning are preferred is ease of use. As a matter of fact, these shotguns can be easily carried by the hunter on hunts with their breakable feature. Of the two barrels, the lower barrel is usually half shock and the upper barrel is full shock. In over under shotguns, the lower trigger usually fires the upper barrel. This type of shotgun is suitable for people who are used to aiming with a single barrel. Over under shotguns can be produced in different barrel structures in accordance with the request and purpose. As an Over under shotgun manufacturer, we produce Over under shotguns suitable for your request.

Over under Shotguns Areas of Use

Over under shotguns can be used in shooting ranges such as trap skeet and for any hunt. However, the shotgun should be selected according to the hunt, hunting area and purpose. 12 gauge is the most preferred caliber among shotgun calibers. 20 caliber is the caliber preferred by experienced people for shooting and hunting. The 20 caliber shotgun and 71 cm. barrel length is suitable for birds such as pigeon, partridge and steppe. For quail hunting, 20 caliber and 66 cm. barrel length is ideal. Over under shotgun manufacturer produces shotguns suitable for your needs for you.

On the other hand, shotgund shotguns are more efficient shotguns. Although shotgund shotguns are similar to infantry shotguns, they are different types. As a matter of fact, shotguns are not automatic or machine guns like infantry shotguns. In smoothbore shotguns, there is not much relationship between barrel length and firing distance. The effective range of these shotguns is 36 meters, and there are special hunting cartridges that can be effective at distances as far as 100 meters.

Custom Made Over Under Shotguns
Custom-made shotguns are shotguns produced in accordance with the physical characteristics of the shotgun owner. Over under shotgun manufacturer produces shotguns according to your physical characteristics. As a matter of fact, when buying a shotgun, you need to pay attention to whether the shotgun is suitable for you, not the external appearance of the shotgun. So much so that just as you pay attention to the size when buying clothes, you should pay attention to the size of the shotgun stocks when buying a shotgun. As a matter of fact, just like clothes, shotgun stocks also have dimensions.



Find below the firearms models that we manufacture. If you need any custom firearms, do not hesitate to inform us.