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BP-02 Bullpup Shotgun Manufecturer

Bullpup Shotguns

Among the types of shotguns, bullbup shotguns are a type of shotgun that is longer than short shotguns according to its length by placing the magazine part of the shotgun behind the trigger mechanism and including the barrel part together with the hilt, which constitutes the majority of the length of the shotgun. In terms of types of use, it appears as an infantry shotgun. These shotguns are not suitable for firing from both shoulders due to their structure. When the direction is changed to fire with the other arm from the opposite shoulder, that is, from the shoulder where you place the shotgun, it does not allow firing because the exit part will face the face. In some bullpup types, the exit directions can be changed with an adapter attachment. However, in some models it may be necessary to completely change this mechanism. This is time-consuming and can lead to major and fatal mistakes in a firefight. In some revised bullpup models, ambidextrose has also been used, as the barrel exit is designed towards the forward part. Our company is among the companies that provide services with new techniques developed in the production of bullpup shotguns.

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BP-01 Bullpup Shotgun Manufecturer


BP-02 Bullpup Shotgun Manufecturer


Specifications of Bullpup

Gauge12 Gauge
MechanismGas Operated
Chamber76 mm (3″)
Barrel4140 Full Steel
BodyFull Aluminium
Lower Plastic
Barrel47 cm, 51 cm, 55 cm
ChokeMobil Chock,
Magazine Capacity2+1, 5+1
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Most Preferred Countries

In countries such as South Africa, Iran, Israel, Israel, Pakistan, Austria, etc., bullpup assault shotguns are preferred. Countries that prefer and use such weapons also take into account the infantry doctrine of armored infantry fighting vehicles. This doctrine stipulates that infantrymen are not allowed to use the weapons in combat too many times. In terms of limitation of use, the use of shorter-barreled weapons has made it easier for infantry carried in vehicles with narrow spaces, such as armored fighting vehicles. Countries that prefer a standard type of weapon usually do not use this model, considering the risks of engaging in a conflict with weapons such as bullpups. Examples of models with conceptual features include Austria’s steyr aug, Israel’s tavor, England’s l85, France’s fa mas, Belgium’s fn f2000, Singapore’s sar 11, Russia’s ots 14 groza. In terms of design, Soviet shotguns are widely preferred because of their similarity to their design and the practicality of carrying them. In terms of the center of gravity, the factors that provide the main weight in a traditional weapon design are the ease of the shooter in the barrel-charger-mechanism trilogy. In this way, users can make more rapid shots and hits.


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Bullpup History

Compared to assault shotguns, bullpup models are more efficient shotguns. It can increase the user’s mobility in closed environments to the desired degree. The reason why bullpup is preferred over another type of cqb model is that the effect of a bullet of mg caliber standard on encounters may be insufficient. In such cases, the use of rounds in a model of the assault shotgun caliber can be overcome. It is among the most prominent models in terms of its concept. The design of the Bullpup models did not change until the time of testing. Features such as the mechanism and feed have changed the most. A new feature was added to the bullpup models, which showed few changes, by trying something new and pulling the mechanism to the rear of the shooter’s part. This made it easier to shorten the length of the weapon without reducing its overall power. Thanks to this innovation brought to bullpup shotguns, we can say that it was after the release dates of the metal sleeve. The idea of bullpup continued to exist until the time of the innovations. The first known bullpup design in history was made in 1886. The story of the emergence of the name is the combination of the words “bulldog pup” or bulldog puppy. The analogy is because bulldog dogs are also short, ugly and strong dogs. The characteristics of the bullpup models are similar in that the design is short, does not contain much aesthetic visuals and is powerful. An example of one of the designs tested in the design of these shotgun models is the tk-408, a Soviet design. It is among the designs that have achieved success in the tests it has entered since the first moment it was designed. The most successful of these examples is the em-2 bullpup shotgun, for which England developed a special bullet. The bullet developed is suitable for all the structural innovations brought by this system and has the optimum bullet feature. Again, England was among the first armies to adopt the bullpup infantry shotgun. Another feature that is shown among the reasons for its preference is its ability to throw the spent shells down the back of the pistol grip. With similar features, it is among the types that offer the best models among firearms. Among infantry shotguns, the use of mavzer-type and semi-automatic shotguns gradually decreased at the end of World War II, and the use of similar large bullets increased. Infantry shotguns such as fn fal, g3, m14 are given as examples of the serial firing feature in these types. The mechanisms used by these are standard type shots. While some models create the system by sending the gunpowder gas back through the tube, it provides resistance to direct return or impact. The common features of all of them are the ability to fire effectively at long distances and to adjust and control magazine capacities well.



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