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Semi Auto Rifle Manufacturer

Semi Auto Rifle Manufacturer

The working principle of a Semi Auto rifle, one of the types of rifle, is based on firing a single bullet with each pull of the trigger. A fully automatic rifle, on the other hand, continues firing until the trigger is released, provided it has ammunition. Today, fully automatic rifles are more common. However, most modern automatic rifles are produced with selective fire. This means that the rifle user can fire automatically whenever he wants. Our company, which is a Semi Auto rifle manufacturer, produces Semi Auto rifles for you.

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Specifications of Semi Auto RifleS

Gauge12 Gauge
MechanismGas Operated
Chamber76 mm (3″)
Barrel4140 Full Steel
BodyAluminium Body
Barrel47 cm, 51 cm, 55 cm
 61 cm, 71 cm, 76 cm
ChokeMobil Chock,
Magazine Capacity4+1, 5+1,
7+1, 10+1
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Semi Auto Rifle Working Principle

Semi Auto weapons are characterized by the ability to perform the operations of pulling the trigger, ejecting the empty cartridge case and replacing it with a new one. In Semi Auto weapons, two different systems are used to ensure this automaticity: recoil-operated and gas-operated. The logic is the same in both systems. Thanks to this logic, the empty cartridge case is ejected, a new one is fed into the barrel and the trigger system is set up automatically. First, the cocking lever is pulled back and released by hand and the cartridge is inserted into the chamber. Thus, after the first cartridge is fired in the Semi Auto rifle, you only need to press the trigger for the next shots. The mechanism assembles itself automatically. In a pump-action rifle, the mechanism is manually cocked. With pump-action rifles, you have to manually cock the rifle each time to fire it.

In Semi Auto rifles, on the other hand, you have to press the receiver button to load cartridges into the magazine. Likewise, to remove the cartridges from the magazine, you must press the trunk button, tilt the cartridge spoon and press the side plate to take the cartridge out. On the other hand, if the gunpowder residue accumulated in Semi Auto rifles is not cleaned for a long time, the mechanism of the rifle may not work. To prevent this situation, the rifle should be cleaned continuously.

Our company, which is a Semi Auto rifles manufaturer, sends the parts added between the base tire and the buttstock together with the rifle in order to enable the user to adjust the trigger pull distance according to the user. Thus, the rifle owner can have different trigger pull distance options according to his needs during summer and winter hunts. At the same time, our company can also send stock angle adjustment washers to users.


FAQS: Semi Auto Rifles

Yes. Iberarms manufacture the firearms at any quantity you want.

Yes. Iberarms exports the semi auto rifles to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, we can ship you the samples of our firearms models, you to check the quality of our firearms.

More about Semi Auto Rifle Manufacturer

Semi Auto Smoothbore Rifles

The most preferred hunting rifles in our country are Semi Auto smoothbore hunting rifles. Semi Auto smoothbore rifles can hold up to 9+1 cartridges in their chambers. However, most Semi Auto rifles have a 5+1 cartridge capacity. If the magazine wedge is removed and the magazine extension piece is attached, the firing capacity can increase up to 8+1 cartridges. On the other hand, Semi Auto smoothbore rifles are legally limited to 2+1 cartridge capacity for hunting use. For this reason, our Semi Auto rifle manufacturer company sends the aforementioned models to the customer by attaching a plastic wedge that reduces the magazine capacity to 2. In addition, the center of gravity changes when a cartridge is used in this type of rifle. This draws attention as a negative aspect of the rifle.

Semi Auto Rifle Operation System

Semi Auto rifles have two different operating systems: “Kinetic System (Rotary head)” and “Gas System”. These systems are similar to cars running on gasoline or diesel fuel. Gasoline or diesel can have both good and bad sides compared to each other. The same is true for Semi Auto rifle operating systems. So much so that both the kinetic system and the gas system have good and bad sides. Our Semi Auto rifle manufacturer company produces rifles with both kinetic and gas systems. The important thing here is not which system the rifle is produced with, but the efficiency of the product.

Reasons for Preferring Semi Auto Rifles

There are many reasons why Semi Auto rifles are preferred. One of these reasons is the high rate of fire of these rifles. In addition, the feeling of confidence that these rifles bring to people because they are Semi Auto is another reason why they are preferred. In rural areas, these rifles are used as weapons and people prefer them for protection. On the other hand, some Semi Auto rifles are quite simple to remove and install the magazine clip. One of the reasons why Semi Auto rifles are preferred is that these processes are simple and fast. As a matter of fact, it is extremely important to quickly remove and install the magazine clip during hunting. So much so that these processes need to be very simple and fast, especially in pig hunting. Because in pig hunting, four or five or maybe more shots may be needed to hit the pig.



Find below the firearms models that we manufacture. If you need any custom firearms, do not hesitate to inform us.