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Are you looking for a high quality shotguns and firearms wholesale private label manufacturer in Turkey? Then you are at the right firearms manufacturer. We manufacture high quality more than 100+ firearms models from Bullpup to Shotguns made of stainless punched barrel steel and turkish walnut. Also we manufacture and supply  custom firearms according to your needs.

why choose us for shotguns and firearms

We are more than 60 years experienced for the manufacturing high quality firearms and shotguns with high quality and fast manufacturing progress and right on time.

Different Models

We have many models that you can select the right firearms for your needs.


Our firearms are manufactured with 4140 chrome lined steel barrel.

Unique Firearms

Our firearms models are manufactured with unique and classsy designs with turkish walnut.

Right On Time

Our manufacturing process is based on right on time delivery to any country.


“We are proud of manufacturing high quality shotguns and exporting to many countries..”

- Yunus Oruç, ceo
firearms manufacturer


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Founded in 2000, Iber Hunt is one of Turkey’s leading shotguns and firearms manufacturers and exporters. We produce and export various firearms that combine modern technology and innovation with our exports that started in 2010.


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We are servicing in more than 100 countries

We are the one of the best leading manufacturer of firearms, since we are very experienced in this sector and exproted to many countries in the world.

We have many models more than 100+ with high quality manufacturing process with our experienced team. We also manufacture hand made firearms.

Yes. Iberarms manufacture the firearms at any quantity you want.

Yes. Iberarms exports the magazine fed shoutguns to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, we can ship you the samples of our firearms models, you to check the quality of our firearms.

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