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What is a Lever Action Shotgun?

As a lever action shotgun manufacturer, we also export the lever-action shotguns we produce to abroad by our company. lever-action shotguns, which have been in use since the second half of the 1800s, were originally used in wars, but are now used as hunting shotguns. It is referred to as a “lever-action shotgun” because of the crowbar-type mechanism attached under the trigger. The crowbar mechanism does not have a single movement. At the same time, he is setting up the gun, removing the empty shell and putting the new bullet on the bed. The operation of the crowbar mechanism and the pulling of the trigger are performed automatically by the remaining weapon in the hunter. In the use of the weapon; by paying attention to ensuring that the barrel is oil-free before each shot and cleaning the dry war immediately after the shot, the life of the barrel will be extended and its efficiency will increase. Repair services are also provided to our products in case of jamming or other malfunctions.


Our Lever Action Shotgun MODELS

You can see below the Lever Action Shotgun models that we manufacture.















Specifications of Lever Action Shotgun

Gauge12 Gauge
MechanismInstalling From The Bottom
Chamber76 mm (3″)
Barrel4140 Full Steel
BodyAluminium Body
Barrel47 cm, 51 cm, 55 cm,
61 cm, 71 cm, 76 cm
ChokeMobil Chock,
Magazine Capacity

2+1, 5+1, 7+1, 10+1

Our features

Features of the Lever Action Shotgun And Safety Device

Our company, which is a manufacturer of lever action shotguns, also offers special hunting shotguns for you. The hunting shotguns we produce are smoothbore hunting shotguns with fixed barrel, crowbar mechanism, cartridge chamber, sliding loading. Swaddles are produced from walnut wood. Important parts such as barrel, crowbar mechanism, cock, lock, body are produced from quality steel. Nickel plating is mainly used to protect against corrosion and weather conditions. Chrome or titanium coating can be used as the coating material upon request. The capacity of the tubular magazine is 8+1. It can be limited to 2 + 1 for hunting. The safety device is located at the bottom of the crowbar. It automatically blocks the shot until the fingers are inserted into the crowbar for the shot. The cartridges are placed manually on the bed so that the capsule remains behind. After placing the cartridge in the chamber with your fingers and pushing, the cartridge cover is replaced. When the lever handle is pushed forward and pulled back, the weapon is ready to fire.


FAQS: Lever Action Shotgun

Yes. Iberarms manufacture the shotguns at any quantity you want.

Yes. Iberarms exports the lever action shotguns to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, we can ship you the samples of our firearms models, you to check the quality of our shotguns.

More about Lever Action Shotgun Manufacturer

Production of Lever Action Shotguns
Our company, which is a crowbar shotgun manufacturer, is a professional hunting shotgun specialist. We are striving to provide the best service to our customers by producing high quality hunting shotguns with our skilled craftsmen and staff at the artisan level. Our precision in the production of hunting shotguns starts from the selection of raw materials. The processes of our hunting shotguns, which we manufacture in our own facilities, are carefully completed with processing, heat treatment, coating and testing steps.
Although the malfunction situation we encounter is minimal, if our shotguns need service, our company is always with you with the most qualified and fastest solutions. Our service services also include the supply and support of original spare parts, the development and customization of your shotguns. Jul. Our shotguns, which have durability and high accuracy characteristics, are protected against corrosion with nickel and chrome plating and gain both aesthetics and durability.

Sale and Repair of Lever Action Shotguns
As a lever action shotgun manufacturer, we are aware that being a good hunter passes without having a good hunting shotgun in addition to being a good shooter, and special production hunting shotguns products are manufactured in our company’s facilities. We are moving Decisively towards becoming a sought-after arms manufacturer by assimilating advanced technology and producing at world standards and directing our R&D studies. We are authorized to sell 36 caliber (barrel diameter) lever-action shotguns, which we specially produce, in our stores.
After purchasing hunting shotguns, the responsibility for maintenance lies with the owner. It is important to clean the crowbar mechanism and bearing December depending on the use and lubricate with a suitable quality gun oil and its preservation. The defective shotguns brought to our stores are repaired by our company.

Conditions For Buying a Lever Action Shotgun And Safety Measures
As a lever-action shotgun manufacturer, we do not have online sales services on the internet as required by law. Our lever-action shotgun sales are made from our stores. In order to purchase lever-action hunting shotguns, it is necessary to have a “Smoothbore Hunting shotgun Purchase Certificate” registered in your name.
Those who will use a hunting shotgun for the first time should first apply to the “District Police Departments or Gendarmerie Police Station Commands” and obtain a “Hunting shotgun License”. License and purchase transactions from the Gendarmerie Outpost Command can be made via e-government. Common documents to be prepared in order to obtain a license for shotgund and smoothbore shotguns are: Original and photocopy of identity card; petition written to the district governor, 4 photos taken in the last six months; archived criminal record; medical report taken from a full-fledged hospital. The applicant must be over 18 years of age and must apply in person. In order to renew, a photocopy of the old license must also be included in the documents.
In order to purchase a shotgund hunting shotgun from a lever-action shotgun manufacturer or seller, the buyer must necessarily have or receive a “Hunting Certificate”. In addition, the October-1 form is filled out at the police department for the shotgund shotgun and the documents are placed in a half-cover cardboard file. In a smoothbore shotgun, documents are placed in a wire file with a lid.
Protection, transportation and maintenance of the product from the moment of delivery are the responsibility of the customer. All measures are important in terms of life safety. The fact that you have received the training of the shotgun before shooting and that you have read the operating instructions is one of the indispensable precautions. It is always necessary to pay attention to the fact that you have a firearm. It is essential to keep weapons and ammunition in separate places. Apart from shooting, it is critical to put your weapons and ammunition out of the easy reach of children. As a lever action shotgun manufacturer, it is recommended that shotguns be stored in clean, dry and ventilated places outside of shooting and kept away from heat sources. Jul. Be careful not to take children to the shooting. In particular, it is an essential precaution not to leave loaded weapons adrift. The weapon should not be loaded and placed in storage without maintenance.

Lever Action Shotgun Prices
As a lever action shotgun manufacturer, our shotgun sales are made from our stores or authorized dealers who also sell hunting supplies. The prices of our shotguns vary according to the model and specifications. By contacting our customer representative by phone or e-mail from our website, you can learn both the features of our existing shotguns and the changes that can be made to them, as well as their costs and prices. We also have campaigns in certain periods.



Find below the firearms models that we manufacture. If you need any custom firearms, do not hesitate to inform us.