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Advantages of Choosing a Single Barrel Shotgun?

Single barreled shotguns are produced in the category of smoothbore shotguns. Since the destructive power of rifled shotguns is higher, it is necessary to deal with very difficult procedures in our country for their acquisition. For this reason, since the procedures for acquiring smoothbore shotguns are easier, it is very advantageous to prefer these types of shotguns in this respect. On the other hand, since the costs of single barreled shotguns are lower than double-barreled or other style shotguns , it is possible to supply these types of shotguns at a more affordable price. Jul. In this respect, these types of shotguns  are often preferred by users.

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Specifications of Single Barrel Shotguns

Gauge12, 20, 28, 410 Gauge
Chamber76 mm (3″)
BodyFull Aluminium/Upper, Lower Metal, Lower Syntetic
Barrel47 cm, 51 cm,
55 cm, 61 cm
ChokeMobil Chock,
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Single Barrel Shotgun Manufacturers

Our company, which serves as a manufacturer of single barrel shotguns, provides the production of single barrel shotguns used in the field of hunting. Although hunting shotguns are often produced as double-barreled, single barrel ones are rarely preferred. Hunting shotguns that are evaluated as single barrel are also known as single breaching, hunting shotguns that are evaluated as double-barreled are also known as double-breaching. Bullets in the style of known bullet cores are not used in this type of shotgun. Instead, shell casings are used, which vary according to their various characteristics. These shotguns are fired by loading shells from the rear, that is, the tail part. Single barreled shotguns are usually used for close and non-dangerous hunting. For this reason, the range diameter of these shotguns can be at least 20 meters and at most 90 meters. Since the destructive power of these shotguns is also generally low, they are not preferred for hunting dangerous animals such as bears, wolves, pigs. These types of shotguns are generally preferred for hunting poultry or more dangerous animals at close range. The history of shotguns produced in the form of shotguns is quite old. in the 1800s, the back-loaded shotgun technology was developed and shotguns started to be produced in this way. Although weapon technology has been highly developed over the years, such hunting shotguns are still preferred in hunting and are even in the weapons inventory of many countries. Although hunting shotguns are divided into two categories as shotgund and smoothbore shotguns, companies operating as single barreled shotgun manufacturers usually make their production in the direction of smoothbore shotguns, as it is subject to very difficult conditions in our country to buy shotgund shotguns. Single barreled shotguns are usually able to fire a single shot because they take a single bullet and can also be called a single-shot shotgun. It is necessary to be very careful in the production of these shotguns. Otherwise, these shotguns may pose various risks to their users. It is very important that the material to be preferred, especially in the production of barrels, is a solid and durable material. If the shotgun barrel is not produced by choosing a quality material, Decoupling may occur in the sources between this barrel as you shoot over time and there may be leakage from there. This kind of situation can pose quite risky situations for the shotgun user. For all these reasons, it is necessary to pay close attention to the manufacturer when buying a single-barreled shotgun. The fact that the shotgun to be supplied has been produced by a specialized manufacturer in its business will prevent such risks from being faced. Jul. Before purchasing a shotgun, a thorough research should be carried out and the quality of both the seller and the manufacturer should be ensured. Our company, which is operating in this field, offers very high standards of service in the production of single barreled shotguns with the experience it has given for many years. Before buying a hunting shotgun, it will be very useful for you to examine the products of our company and get information about the products.


FAQS: Single Barrel Rifles

Yes. Iberarms manufacture the firearms at any quantity you want.

Yes. Iberarms exports the single barrel shotguns to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, we can ship you the samples of our firearms models, you to check the quality of our firearms.

More about Single Barrel Shotgun Manufacturer

Single barrel shotgun prices vary according to some factors. The material from which the shotgun is manufactured is the main determinant at this point. Although the prices of shotguns made of a costly material in order to be durable are slightly higher, it is more profitable to prefer such shotguns in the long run, since the service life of such shotguns is longer. Although there are shotguns sold in the market at very cheap prices, it will not be very healthy to choose such shotguns because they pose a security risk. The shotguns produced by our company are produced from quality materials and are offered to the market at affordable prices considering the users. It will be very beneficial for you to choose our company’s products in order to get an affordable and high-quality shotgun.



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