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IB-SB03 Single Barrel Shotgun Manufecturer

Tactical Shotguns

Our expert companies are among the leading companies in the tactical shotguns manufacturer sector with their experienced engineers, personnel and the latest technological devices Dec.
In our company, the production of tactical shotguns and shotguns is carried out using more technological devices every day. 20.century. rifling, one of the most advanced crafts, is made with our company at the most modern, functional and affordable price.
For many years, with our experience and experience, the impeccable workmanship of the most competent shotgun of our country Decisively is brought together in our machining workshops by taking advantage of the most modern technologies of today. We are realizing our goals by moving forward every day in shotgun production. You can review our product catalog to make sure that we make the best productions in workmanship and materials in our shotguns. Our tactical shotguns and productions reveal the biggest changes in this field.

Our Tactical Shotguns MODELS

You can see below the Tactical Shotguns models that we manufacture.

IB-MF19 Magazine Fed Shotgun


IB-MF20 Magazine Fed Shotgun


IB-MF21 Magazine Fed Shotgun


IB-ADA4-01 Shotgun Manufecturer


IB-ADA4-02 Shotgun Manufecturer


IB-ADA4-03 Shotgun Manufecturer


IB-MF07 Magazine Fed Shotgun


IB-MF08 Magazine Fed Shotgun


IB-MF09 Magazine Fed Shotgun


IB-ADA4-07 Shotgun Manufecturer


IB-ADA4-08 Shotgun Manufecturer


IB-ADA4-09 Shotgun Manufecturer


Our Tactical Shotguns Production from the Past to the Present

As tactical shotguns manufacturer is the most unique, best-known air and fire shotgun manufacturer in Turkey. In the fire and air shotgun industry, we produce all the parts of shotguns from A to Z in our own structure. Even from this point of view, it has a leading position in its field. Our company offers total quality assurance for every product. Wood processing, heat treatment, metalworking, spring production, chrome plating, hona in various models coating coatings and other chemical menedil, Metal Injection, plastic injection, drilling the barrel, barrel manufacturing, mould manufacturing, engraving, laser marking, camouflage coating, assembly, quality assurance and tests, tests, firing a gun, and many more within our structure again the production phase are secured. Our company, which offers the most technological productions to your liking, produces extremely high quality and durable shotguns.

All the products we use in our company are of the best quality and their production is carried out with strict control.

The latest technological 3-D CAD systems and software are used in the design and engineering phases of our productions. In our shotguns, all synthetic, metal parts and semi-finished products are analyzed using CAE software. In this way, we produce the products that you can use for the longest time with the best quality, as well as offer them at an affordable price.

Our company, which is ISO 9001 quality certified, also applies ISO 9001 specifications in our entire production area. Although the production quality of our company has been tested by my users and offers 100% customer satisfaction, there are also success awards that it has received among the productions in this field in international and national fields. Dec. You can also easily find detailed information about our famous productions all over the world by using our communication channels on our Tue homepage.


FAQS: Tactical Shotguns

Yes. Iberarms manufacture the Tactical shotguns at any quantity you want.

Yes. Iberarms exports the hunting shotguns to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, we can ship you the samples of our tactical shotgun models, you to check the quality of our firearms.

More Tactical Shotguns Manufacturer

What is Tactical Shotguns Manufacturing?
Tactical Shotgun manufacturing is the production of shotguns that can be used for hunting, sports and security purposes. Our company, which uses perhaps the highest quality materials of history today as it was yesterday, is among the leading hunting shotgun manufacturers in Turkey with our craftsmen. Dec. There is a century-old culture behind every shotgun we produce.
From the initial level, only some companies in our country produce the highest-class double, superposed shotguns known on the market as 5- or 7-pin full lighters, and we continue to produce for shotgun lovers without slowing down, without making any class distinction. Our company also signs special designs for shotgun lovers with its personalized designs. Our company, which manufactures the most special shotguns of our country with the same meticulousness, is at your service today and tomorrow as it was yesterday.

Why Choose Our Tactical Shotguns?
Of course, when you search for a shotgun manufacturer, you may encounter many options, but if you have been looking for a leading company in the field of shotguns for many years, our successful productions in this field are a good reference for us. We carry out our mastery productions with the inspiration we take from our traditions, the past and the future.
Our vision of accident-free shooting, our security policy offers you an endless assurance in this regard. 1.by examining our shotgun models that we produce using grade steel materials, you can see how good we are in this field. As we move towards a better goal in shotgun production, it will be a great honor and joy to see you, our valued customers, next to us in this field.
Shotgun examine our models to have more information about our products, our prices and find out to create an order, simply and free our company Support Line, WhatsApp, Line, e-mail and other communication channels to use. Our company, which offers the highest quality products in this field at the most affordable prices, is very pleased to share its knowledge and experience with you. please get information about our prices for the year 2022 right now.