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What is a guns and shotguns?  When was the invention of the gun?  What is a guns and shotguns manufacturer and the guns and shotguns industry? 

Guns and Shotguns: We can think of it as any tool that living things use for defense or attack against other living things.  The invention of guns and shotguns emerged with the need for hunting and defense.  The first appearance on a battlefield for defense purposes took place in 1132.  We see the first guns and shotguns on the stage of history, which was an arrow, in China. The guns and shotguns, which were produced quite flimsy at first, were later made of various metals such as iron and steel in order to make them durable.  Again, gunpowder, the raw material of firearms, was found in China about 1000 years ago. The first known guns and shotguns in history with a range of 3 meters was called the Fire Spear.  It first spread from Asia to Europe in the 13th century.   Today’s biggest arms manufacturing giants are the United States and Russia.  Competition in these two countries is increasing day by day. 

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The arms industry, including its stakeholders, is a global industry, also known as the arms trade.  An arms manufacturer is anyone who produces all arms and ammunition.  It produces and sells guns and shotguns and military technology internationally.  It consists of a commercial industry engaged in the R&D, engineering, production and servicing of military equipment and facilities.  Guns and Shotguns manufacturing companies, also called arms dealers or the military industry, produce guns and shotguns for the armed forces of states and for civilians.  Government departments also operate in the arms industry, buying and selling guns and shotguns, ammunition and other military items.  The products of the arms industry include guns, missiles, ships, grenades, mines, military vehicles and more.  The arms industry also provides logistical and operational support.

Since World War 1, the arms industry has changed and developed day by day with the introduction of chemical guns and shotguns.  In fact, the world recognized the power and danger of these chemical guns and shotguns, and at the Hague conferences in 1899 and 1907, the Hague conferences passed resolutions banning the use of such guns and shotguns during war.  It must be said that the decisions taken in the subsequent world wars were not very effective.  Taking advantage of the loopholes in the law, especially the Germans did not hesitate to use chemical guns and shotguns against their enemies. 


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Guns and Shotguns Manufacturers in the World

As mentioned above, Russia and the United States are two giant arms producers.  According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which lists the top 100 arms sellers, these 100 companies sell guns and shotguns worth a total of 400 billion dollars.  Again, according to the arms sales revenues of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the world’s top 20 arms manufacturers are Textron, DCNS, Honeywell, United Shipbuilding Corp., Safran, United Aircraft Corp., Rolls-Royce, Huntington Ingalls, Almaz-Antey, Communications, Thales, Finmeccanica, United Technologies Corp., EADS / Airbus Group, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin.  According to 2020 data, Lockheed Martin is recognized as the largest arms manufacturer in the world with a turnover of 58.2 billion dollars.  Boeing, Raytheon Technologies, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman are the other companies that follow. 

Weapon Manufacturers in Turkey

The first gun in Turkey was produced by Nuri Killigil, after whom it was named.  Nuri Killigil, the gun manufacturer, also designed the gun named after him.  This first domestic guns and shotguns was among the best of its time.  Turkey’s first private factory, which laid the foundation of the defense industry, was established by Şakir Zümre with entirely domestic capital.  The foundations of this factory, which was planned to be established with the approval of Atatürk, were laid in Istanbul-Haliç in 1925.  Later, many other military factories were established.  These include the Zeytinburnu Tapa Factory, Zeytinburnu Gun Repair Shop, Bakırköy Gunpowder Factory, Silahtarağa Hunting and Pistol Cartridge Factory, Cartridge Factory, Gun Factory, Cannon Factory, Rifle Factory, Carpenter Factory, Kayaş Capsule Factory and Bullet Filling Plant.  Turkey-based firearms manufacturers are listed as Asilsan, Girsan, Huğlu, Sarsılmaz and Tisaş.  Our company is among the companies that increase their production among gun manufacturers day by day.

How to Get a Weapon License?

Gun ownership is subject to certain rules in all states, including Turkey.  It should be noted that different gun licenses must be obtained for different types of weapons.  If Turkish citizens want to get a gun license, they must first be 21 years old.  In addition, they must also meet the requirements set out in Law No. 6136 “Law on Firearms and Knives and Other Instruments” and Regulation No. 91/1779 “Regulation on Firearms and Knives and Other Instruments”. 



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