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Pump Action Rifle Manufacturer

Pump action shotguns are hunting rifles that have a different operating mechanism compared to other rifles and are used for the purpose of hunting various animals. Shotguns shoot with mechanisms that move back and forth. They are also known as shotguns in the world. They are considered in the category of smoothbore hunting rifles. Shotgun manufacturers are the companies that produce these hunting rifles. Since shotguns are rifles that prioritize hunter safety, it is very important that the companies that produce them have made quality production. For this reason, when purchasing a pump-action shotgun, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the company to be purchased is a company that makes quality production. Pump action rifles are weapons that offer high destructive power to their users due to their structure. For this reason, it is often preferred especially by hunters of thick-skinned animals. Our company, which operates in this field, successfully performs the production of pump-action rifles and wins the admiration of users who prefer them.

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Specifications of Pump Action Rifles

Gauge12 Gauge
MechanismPump Action
Chamber76 mm (3″)
Barrel4140 Full Steel
BodyAluminium Body
Barrel47 cm, 51 cm,
55 cm, 61 cm
ChokeMobil Chock,
Magazine Capacity4+1, 5+1
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What are the Characteristics of a Rifle?

Pump action shotguns are often used in hunting large and dangerous animals such as pigs, bears, wolves in our country. Rifles with high destructive power, such as shotguns, are required for hunting these animals, which pose various risks, especially for people operating in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. People operating in these areas prefer pump action rifles in order to protect their animals, products and themselves. The most important advantages of pump action rifles compared to double and superposed rifles, which are often preferred in this field, are that they can take more than two cartridges. The advantages compared to semi-automatic rifles are that they do not juggle if the cartridge does not explode for any reason and a new cartridge can be filled very quickly. There are also pump action rifles produced in the world without a buttstock, which are used for personal safety purposes. However, pump action rifles produced in this way cannot be used in our country because they are not legal under the laws of our country. In addition, in order for a pump action shotgun to be legally used in our country, the barrel length should not be more than 47 centimeters. In our country, shotgun manufacturers carry out their production by complying with these legal restrictions. Pump action shotguns are often preferred by hunters because they are affordable compared to other hunting rifles.


FAQS: Pump Action Rifles

Yes. Iberarms manufacture the firearms at any quantity you want.

Yes. Iberarms exports the pump action rifles to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, we can ship you the samples of our firearms models, you to check the quality of our firearms.

More about Pump Action Rifle Manufacturer

What Are the Requirements To Buy a Shotgun?
In order to buy a pump action rifle, a smoothbore shotgun purchase certificate and a license are required. These documents are issued by the Police Departments of the person’s place of residence. If you reside in the Gendarmerie area, these documents can be obtained through the Gendarmerie. In order to obtain these documents, various documents are needed. These documents are as follows;

  •  A petition addressed to the property supervisor to whom the document will be given
  • Doctor’s report obtained from the family health center and January health center,
  •  Four photos taken biometrically,
  •  Receipt showing that the Smoothbore Rifle Tax has been paid to the tax office (currently, this amount is claimed as 80.20 TL for 5 years)
  • The document shows whether the person who wants to receive the document has a tax debt exceeding 5000 TL received from the tax office.

After these documents are completed, the documents can be delivered by paying a card fee of 100 TL to the General Directorate of the Turkish Police Organization Foundation before the documents are issued. After having these documents, it may be possible to obtain pump-action rifles from shotgun manufacturers or sellers. Jul.
Shotgun Prices
Shotgun prices vary according to some factors. The most important of these is the quality of the material from which pump-action rifles are manufactured. The material from which the butt of the rifle is produced and the total weight of the rifle are some of the elements that can give an idea about this material quality. In order to reduce the cost during the production phase, the poor quality selection of the materials from which the rifle is produced reduces the comfort in the use of rifles. For this reason, it is necessary to prefer pump-action rifles made of high-quality materials for comfortable use. The quality of this material is also decisive for the service life of pump-action rifles. The service life of pump-action rifles manufactured using robust materials is longer than that of other pump-action rifles. In general, it is possible to say that the main determinant of the comfort and service life of rifles is the preferences of manufacturers. For this reason, when supplying a pump-action shotgun, it is necessary to pay attention to who the manufacturer is and not to make a purchase without researching about the company. Jul. Choosing our company, which aims to produce quality rifles by using quality materials in this field and has gained the appreciation of users with the rifles it produces, will ensure that you will not experience any setbacks in your rifle usage process. It is recommended that you contact us before buying a shotgun.



Find below the firearms models that we manufacture. If you need any custom firearms, do not hesitate to inform us.